Where in the world is Emma Malueg?

Departure day is officially less than a week away, which is a fact so crazy that I have yet to fully wrap my head around it. It still feels so unreal. Seeing as how several people have asked me how to keep in contact with me over the next two years, I figured that I should probably dedicate a blog post to this issue. Most details are going to be up in the air until after training, so I’ll try to keep this as up to date as humanly possible.


The first three months or so will be dedicated to training for service, during which I’ll be out of reach. Texts, emails, phone calls, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, or any other delivery system of choice, I will more than likely not get them. Lack of phone/internet service aside, I will need to focus on my training rather than events going on back home. But I imagine that the vast majority of you will live without my presence for three months.


Once I have completed training, however, I will likely have better access to both internet and phone service, meaning that I can reply to emails, texts, and Facebook messages fairly regularly. I’m hoping to check online/update my blog around once a week. That is, if everything works according to plan. It is possible that I will lose connectivity for long periods of time so, no, I am probably not ignoring you. Probably. I am going to be living on an active volcano with little infrastructure, so there are plenty of factors in play.


Good, old-fashioned snail-mail is another way to get in touch with me. In fact, I encourage you to send letters, especially with pictures. Packages are also more than welcome. Keep in mind, however, that letters take up to 4-6 weeks to be delivered and packages even longer, so please don’t send me any perishable items… I’d hate to see what they look like a month and a half later. Anything in the mail also runs the risk of being lost and/or stolen, so keep that in mind. You can address any mail as following (this will likely change after training but use this for now):

Emma Malueg

Peace Corps Vanuatu

PMB 9097

Port Vila

Republic of Vanuatu

That’s all I have for now! Wish me luck.

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